Public Works



“Transformation” 17 ½’ x 78’, ArtsQuest, Bethlehem, PA. Exterior installation


“Orizzonte” Site 1: 20’ x 100’, Site 2: 18’ x 86’, Aeroporti di Puglia, Bari, Italy. Exterior installation



“The Road to Mistra” 15’ x 7 ¾’, Olympic Tower Atrium, NYC. Interior installation



“Recurrence” Hellenic American Union, Athens, Greece. Exterior and interior installations



“Trilogy” Cultural Arts Center; Rockland Community College, Suffern, NY. Exterior and interior installations


“Welcome” c. 40’ x 20’, University of Burgundy, Dijon, France. Exterior installation



“Two Entrances” each c. 10’ x 10’, Athena Atrium, Odessa, Ukraine. Exterior and interior installation


“For JT” 8 ½’ x 11 ½’, Theatre Lobby, Williams Visual Arts Building, Lafayette College, Easton, PA. Interior installation



“Double Sequence” several forms, General Mitchell International Airport, Milwaukee, WI. Interior installation


“Ascension” 100’ x 40’, National Bank of Greece, Athens, Greece. Interior installation


“Neons for Three Gateways” 20’ x 20’ x 2’, Echigo-Tsumari Art Field, Tokamachi, Japan. Exterior installation



“Six Green Incomplete Circles” each 15’ x 8’ diameter, Spazzio Murat, Bari, Italy. Exterior installation


“Tria” 6’ x 9’, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Salonika, Greece. Exterior installation



“Once, Again” 86’ x 20’, Smith College, Northampton, MA. Exterior installation



“Procession” forms placed throughout, Ambelokipi Station, Attiko Metro, Athens, Greece. Interior installation



“Neons for the Reading Power Station” chimney height: 490’, Israel Electric Company, Tel Aviv,

Israel. Exterior installation



“Neon Lintel” 1 ½’ x 18’ x 6”, Neuberger Museum of Art, SUNY, Purchase, NY. Exterior installation



“Neon for Granpark” 30’ x 80’, Tokyo, Japan. Exterior installation



“Blue Room” 28’ x 28’ x 28’, San Antonio Public Library, San Antonio, TX. Interior installation


“Neons for the Rhode Island Convention Center” Two canopies each 45’ x 28’, Providence, RI. Exterior installation


“Neon for William Paterson College” 20’ x 15’, Ben Shahn Gallery, Wayne, NJ. Exterior installation



“Neons for Tachikawa” Four Sites:  Building #3, 67’ x 30’, Building #7-2, 90’ x 51’, Building #4-1, 56’ x 12’,

Canopy over walkway, 130’ x 20’, Faret Tachikawa, Tokyo, Japan. Exterior installations



“Neons for the Messeturm” large corridor, Frankfurt, Germany. Interior installation


“Neons for the Stadtsparkasse” Two columns each: 100’ x 26’, Cologne, Germany. Exterior and interior




“Neons for Momochi” Multiple extensive sites, Fukuoka, Japan. Exterior and Interior installations



“Neons for Pershing Square” 32’ x 152’, Pershing Square Metro Station, Los Angeles, CA, Interior




“Neons for Back Bay Station” Two glass walls, each: 20’ x 20’, Orange Line, Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, Boston, MA. Interior installations


“Neons for the 59th Street Marine Transfer Station” each east facade: 32’ x 96’, north wall on the

Hudson River: 200’, NYC, Exterior installations 


“Neons for Buttonwood” Two units: 23’ x 111’, c. 30’ x 15’, CityView Condominiums, Philadelphia, PA. Exterior installations



“Neons for Exchange Place Station” 182’ x 20’, PATH Station, Jersey City, NJ. Interior installation



“Neons for 7475 Wisconsin Avenue” Exterior: 20’ x 60’, Interior: 30’ x 20’, Bethesda, MD

“Neon for Embassy Suites” 22½’ x 53’, San Diego, CA. Exterior installation


“Neon for Greektown Station” street-scale, Detroit, MI. Exterior installations



“Neon for the 14th District Police Station” 30’ x 43’, Chicago, IL. Interior installation


“Neon for the Rose Art Museum” 11’ x 17’, Brandeis University, Waltham, MA. Exterior installation


“Neon for the Columbus Museum of Art” 35’ x 30’, Columbus, OH. Exterior installation


“Neon for York College” 12’ x 3’, Jamaica, NY. Interior installation



“Neons for the Transitcenter” 132’ x 36’, Davenport, IO. Interior installation



“Neons for the Tacoma Dome” two walls each: 12’ x 96’, Tacoma, WA. Interior installations


“Neons for Southwestern Bell”, 35’ x 75’, Texas Department of Public Safety

Headquarters Complex, Dallas, TX. Interior installations, visible from exterior


“Incomplete Neon Square for La Jolla” 15’ x 15’, Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, La

Jolla, CA. Exterior installation


“Neon for South Campus Station” 60’ x 128’, University Station, Metro Rail, Buffalo, NY. Interior installations



“Neon for Charles Street Station” 13½’  x 105½’, Baltimore, MD. Interior installation


“Neon for the Bagley Wright Theatre” 10’ x 50’, Seattle, WA. Exterior installation


“Neon for Paris” 28’ x 39’, Museum of Modern Art of the City of Paris, France. Exterior installation


“Neon for Nevers” 10’ x 40’, Atheneum, Nevers, France



“Incomplete Square for Lawrence Street” 52’ x 52’, Denver, CO. Exterior installation



“Neon for 42nd Street” 43’ x 105’, NYC. Exterior installation



“Four Walls for the Hartsfield International Airport” each wall 12’ x 29’, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta

International Airport, Atlanta, GA. Interior installations



“Incomplete Red Neon Square on Exterior Corner” 26’ x 24’, dedicated to Christopher D’Arcangelo,

1955-1978, University of Massachusetts Amherst; Amherst, MA. Exterior installation



“Red Neon Circle Fragments on a Blue Wall” 9½’ x 69’, Federal Building, Dayton, OH. Exterior installation


“Incomplete Circles and Squares, Red Neon” 45’ x 75’, Robert Crown Center, Hampshire

College, Amherst, MA. Interior installation